Cherry blossoms

We know spring is here when the cherry blossoms flourish into full bloom 🤩 Michael, our Toastmaster of the evening, delighted us with a fragant topic for our meeting. Did know you that Pretzfeld is the heart of the Franconian cherry area? 🌸

Gaby followed suit during her role as Table topics master.❓ Her questions were full of trivia, even if she put some of the participants on a tight spot. 🤔

On the prepared speeches, Micha delivered his ice breaker speech, where he shared with us his love for traveling, going places and coming back again ⛰ Congrats Micha! 🎉 As the 2nd speaker, Barbara turned the US elections entertaining by transporting them to the Toastmasters level and engaging the audience in the room. 😂 What a good laugh we had!

The evaluation team was led by the experienced Margaret as General Evaluator 👏, supported by Axel and Ronald as speech evaluators 📝, Alex as Ah counter, Robert on his first time as Grammarian 🙌, and Steve as Timer ⏱