When was the last time you gave a positive comment to a friend or work colleague? πŸ€” Sometimes we get caught up in our day to day activities, that we forget to appreciate those around us.

With the theme “Give a compliment” our Toastmaster of the evening, Gaby, encouraged us to offer a smile 😊 or some words of praise to the people in our everyday life. After all, positive feedback is something we practice at Noris.

On the table topics, Alex challenged us to give an elevator pitch 🎀 to different personalities, from Angela Merkel to Elon Musk and Taylor Swift. During the prepared speeches, Axel broke the ice for his Presentation Mastery path and with just 2 pens πŸ–Š he explained principles such as functionality and usability. Michael presented the second speech of the evening, where he showed us how to track our goals 🎯 and encouraged us to keep striving for them.

Margaret led the evaluation team πŸ“ supported by Mia and Barbara as speech evaluators, Sebastjan, who challenged himself taking both the Ah counter and Grammarian roles, while Robert diligently performed as Timer for the very first time πŸ‘

To close with a big bang, the two guests in attendance decided to become club members. Hooray! πŸŽ‰