Noris meeting attendees in-person and online

Meeting recap: Homecoming

When you have lived in multiple countries and spent more than half of your life abroad, what place do you call home? 🤔 That is a question Steve ponders himself, which made him choose “Homecoming” as the topic for our last meeting. 🏡 As Toastmaster of the evening, he made us feel nostalgic for days gone by, while also delighting on the fun memories.

On the Table topics, Robert made his debut as moderator 🎉 With questions taking us back to our home and school times, he made the participants dig into their memories and reminisce of lives before Nuremberg and Noris.

On the prepared speeches, both speakers delivered a speech from the “Introduction to Mentoring” project. ✍ Michael shared how Toastmasters mentors in the USA and in Erlangen encouraged him to keep developing his skills no matter his level. While Alex spoke about how he stood on the shoulders of a giant, when paired with a mentor from the corporation his company merged into. 👩‍💻

The evaluation team was led by Micha on his debut as General Evaluator 👏, supported by Gaby and Axel as speech evaluators 📝, Marc as Ah counter, Sebastjan as Grammarian 🙌, and Yasin as Timer for the first time ⏱

Are you curious for more? Join us for our next meeting on June 12th!
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