Noris Toastmasters

Public Speaking in English

Other Toastmaster Clubs

Other Toastmasters clubs in the Nürnberg-Fürth-Erlangen area:
Nuremberg Toastmasters (Meetings in English):
Nürnberger Rhetoriker (Meetings in German):
Erlangen Toastmasters (Meetings in English):
Fränkly Speaking Toastmasters (Advanced Toastmasters club, meetings in English and German):

Bamberg Toastmasters (Meetings in English):

Toastmasters South East Germany (Division I)
Currently ca. 25 Toastmasters Clubs in South East Germany and Austria form Division I and meet twice a year for speech contests.

Toastmasters District 95
Winners of speech contests at Division level go on to compete in the contests of District 95 - Central and Eastern Europe

Toastmasters International
For more information about the Toastmasters organisation worldwide, please see the official webpage.